Proiect YORIE


The project aims to empower the construction of European identity based on the reemergence of regional identities through intergenerational support to young adults’ personal development to assist transition to the wider community and employment opportunities along with acquisition of key competences in non-formal and informal backgrounds as a non-traditional route back into education and employment.



a) offer training, support and information services to assist young people’s personal development – make appropriate choices in relation to their education, employment, lifestyles and future in an European dimension;
b) raise awareness on cultural identity understood as customs, practices, languages, values and world views that define social groups such as those based on ethnicity, region or common interests;
c) acknowledge the importance of a shared regional identity and sense of belonging and of the value of cultural, social and ethnic diversity;
d) articulate regional values through senior contribution in the creation of a sense of belonging for the younger generations and valuation of cultural diversity – seniors are able to pass their cultural traditions on to future generations in order to protect and value regional cultural heritage;
e) intergenerational workshops – practical meetings between generations for the transmission of practical knowledge and skills (local crafts, gastronomy, literature, dances, herbs, etc);
f) create a website of the project with representative items for each regional identity present in the project;